Tired of niggling colds and flus?

Keen to keep your family well this winter?

Me too. Which is why I put together this short and easy-to-read Ebook for you

“Nourish & Thrive ~ 7 Steps to Family Wellbeing from Autumn Through Winter.”

It’s filled with great strategies for nourishing yourself and your family this Winter.

It also includes some simple plant-based recipes and remedies (for you and your little ones) for ‘charging up’ the immune system every day.

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Nourish & Thrive (1)




Are you a mum in need of a little more peace and quiet in your day?

This book ‘Mindfulness for Mamas’ features 5 simple, effective ways that you can begin to introduce (or reintroduce) mindfulness into each day.

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Mindfulness For Mamas - 5 Steps to Greater Peace & Calm




Feeling stressed, frazzled or a little bit fed up with being busy and overwhelmed all the time?

This book is for you.

Featuring simple steps that you can easily implement to bring yourself back to a place of inner peace and calm.

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2 Minutes to Mindfulness


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